Higher Heights Corporation

At Higher Heights Corporation we believe that education is the best investment that you can give to your children.

Investing in the future of your children to achieve the best outcome needs more than just any ordinary overseas education.

Settlement in a new country is a long journey and a tedious process involving both adaptation and acceptance.

Higher Heights Corporation is a Christian corporation that has identified that immigrant students face major challenges in settlement and integrating into an entirely new culture. In response, we have designed a program to help solve this problem.

The fact that you may be miles away means that you may not be available to observe the progress and development of your children at this crucial stage of their lives.

Higher Heights Corporation is an organization that bridges the gap. Your concerns and fears will be taken care of. You can rest assured that your children are in good hands and will not only acquire a high quality education overseas, but also experience high standard of living as well.

At Higher Heights Corporation we provide:

  1. Affordable suitable accommodation for your child at discounted rates.
  2. A Christian environment with daily morning devotions and weekly Bible study and prayer meetings (Resident Warden available 24/7 on site.)
  3. Dedicated Christian counsellors on site to attend to spiritual, emotional, and psychosocial concerns of your children.
  4. Committed Christian teachers to assist your children in their day to day challenges with education.
  5. Career guidance and counselling by experts.
  6. Leadership and life skills training by certified Life Coaches.
  7. Regular Sunday service attendance, ensuring commitment to discipleship and service to God.
  8. Social activities geared towards giving your children a balanced lifestyle.
  9. Linking your children to family doctors in the city to provide medical coverage.
  10. Ongoing professional expertise from attorneys designed to meet student immigration challenges and support with the intention of eventual settlement in Canada.
  11. Regular feedback to you on the progress of your children.
  12. All-inclusive nutritious Meals.
  13. Annual dinner with parents and staff.

Higher Heights Corp. has seen many students who have travelled abroad in the past and struggled with many issues. We have seen students pursuing wild lives, that end them in unfavourable situations. As an organization, we would like to help put an end to it by putting these rules and regulations into place.