Higher Heights Corporation
Higher Heights Corporation is an innovative, international fast growing organization specializing in counselling and recruitment of international students who wish to study  in leading universities and colleges and providing targeted solutions for the education of leaders through events, research, training and publishing.

Higher Heights Corporation also assist in settlement of students by providing suitable accommodation for them, more offer services aimed at easing transition of students from their home country into the Canadian cultures.

Higher Heights Corporation assists suitable qualified students seeking to study abroad to realize their dreams by providing them with career counselling and guidance, we endeavour to make the process of seeking and obtaining admission into various overseas universities/colleges and securing study visa  easier and less cumbersome.

Higher Heights Corporation presents a range of events in various countries on effective leadership. We also organise educational workshops, seminars for government officials, business executives , administrators etc
Furthermore,Higher Heights Corporation organises vacation tours for students families and individuals based on their needs.

At Higher Heights Corporation , our programs are tailored to suit every specific needs and to address the gaps identified by our various organizational assessments in leadership development and capacity building.Higher Heights Corporation  is strategically poised organization with laser beam concentration on Leadership Development and organizational change.
We focus on on whole transformation for whole entities- individuals, Teams/Groups and organizations with with a holistic transformational approach to attaining exceptional levels of excellence and success.

At Higher Heights Corporation, leadership development and transformation are our imperative mandate.